State of the Union, fun facts

Posted on January 28, 2010


Never have I ever taken such an interest in the State of the Union address. Among the many many interesting things I have learned, I found this interactive graphic pretty neat.

Did you know that Congresspeople camp out all day to get an aisle seat at the State of the Union, just so they can shake the President’s hand?

Did you know that certain members of Congress and members of the Cabinet do not attend the State of the Union in case there is an attack or an emergency to ensure continuity of government?

But does anyone know anything else about the seating chart of the event? Dems on the left, Repubs on the right, but how about those Supreme Court justices – you know, the ones who appear to be asleep and who don’t respond to anything the President says?

Sigh.  I kind of forgot how much I like logistics and how entertained I can be by politics.

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