dreaming of the “dîner en blanc”

Posted on July 6, 2011


I read about the Dîner en Blanc a few months ago on Oh Happy Day and immediately fell in love with the concept: “everyone” (invite only, of course) wears white, packs a picnic – complete with tables and chairs and heads to an undisclosed location for a 3 hour outdoor dinner. The best part is that no one knows where the dinner will be held until 15 minutes before – and so it’s basically a flash-mob dinner party.

Imagine how THRILLED I was to wake up this morning and read this story in the New York Times. NYC is getting their very own White Dinner!

Of course, the wheels in my brain have been spinning. How could we do this in Seattle? Where? When? How would we deal with weather (NYC is rain-or-shine)? Who would be lucky enough to serve as the table hosts – or would it be better to keep it open? Are Seattle-ites even COOL ENOUGH to participate in something like this?

My guess is no. I mean, people would chicken out if the weather wasn’t good enough. They would hate not knowing where they were going ahead of time. They wouldn’t put enough effort into building a fabulous picnic. They wouldn’t show up on time to the rendezvous points. They wouldn’t take the dress code seriously. Or maybe I’m just anticipating how MY friends would treat an event like this…

My initial venue ideas: under the Needle, Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, the Sculpture Park, a no-tables-or-chairs picnic in Volunteer Park or Gasworks, ON the Fremont Bridge, on a random pier, in Westlake Square….

Oh how LOVELY it would be!

Read more about the Paris version.

Watch a guest’s video of the 2009 festivities:

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