project tofu (part 3)

Posted on December 19, 2012



image via Veggie Belly

My latest “project tofu” experience was born out of a need to get rid of all the food in my refrigerator before I depart for 10 days in Colorado. I had purchased an emergency package of tofu (the normal, 14oz-size) just in case the big block that I’d let sit around for weeks had expired, and instead of packing my suitcase, I decided to make Veggie Belly’s “Chinese salt & pepper tofu”.

I wrapped the tofu up in paper towels and pressed it before slicing it into cubes, putting it in a bowl and throwing 4 tablespoons of cornstarch, a few pinches of salt and some ground pepper on top and tossing gently to coat. I heated up some oil and fried the tofu for just a few minutes and then drained it on some more paper towels before I speared a piece with a toothpick and put it in my mouth. It was both crispy and soft, salty and eventually spicy when I dunked it in some sriacha.

I think this might be a perfect recipe for a party appetizer, though my apartment really reeked after all of that frying so I’ d have to make them way in advance and hope they didn’t get soggy. Overall though, a great dish and I will definitely make the leek saute to go with them next time. Success!

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