project tofu (part 1)

December 11, 2012



image via the pioneer woman A few weeks ago, I woke up craving the fried tofu from a bowl of pho. Not the pho itself, but just the tofu – so I went up to the store and bought a block of extra-firm tofu at the grocery store. I did my research and learned how […]

LivingSocial’s DIY Holiday Entertaining Class

November 28, 2012


LivingSOcial Deal

For the past three years, I have been surprised at the last-ish minute by a project that calls upon my creative powers and involves lots of trips to the craft store. Two years ago, I was putting together a non-profit scavenger hunt for corporate executives. Last year, I was throwing a holiday movie event at Central […]

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thanksgiving 2012

November 22, 2012



Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I took a different approach to Thanksgiving. I didn’t host anything, I barely made plans at all and I decided that if I did cook, I wouldn’t be too ambitious about it. As you can see from year’s past, (2010, 2011) I tend to go overboard on planning and cooking. There […]

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Seattle by Sarah

November 22, 2012



Sorry ’bout the total radio silence. My blogging attentions have been consumed by my new Seattle-centric blog, which I’ve talked about having for forever, but was finally bored enough to start a few weeks ago. It’s been really fun to be writing Yelp-style reviews again and sharing all my insider knowledge about the Emerald City. […]

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gifts i bought myself

August 15, 2012


12 - 1 (18)

Well, it’s my birthday week and these are the gifts I bought myself. This post was inspired by The Hairpin’s “Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week“, which I get a kick out of. Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream cookbook – on sale at Anthropologie for only $10! Sorry to see it […]

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birthday wish list

August 14, 2012


Thrill Murray

Birthday greetings are better late than never, and therefore so are birthday wish lists (though I would appreciate any of these for any occasion). Behold, a few things that have caught my eye lately: Obviously, this Bill Murray coloring book needs to be added to my collection IMMEDIATELY. And this cookbook deserves a place on […]

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seattle picnic lovers adventure society

August 9, 2012


12 - 4

Earlier this summer I hosted the second edition of the Seattle Picnic Lovers Adventure Society’s (SPLAS) summer picnics. Here’s how SPLAS works: There are a number of under-utilized parks in the City of Seattle – places with great views, an abundance of picnic tables, grills, etc. and no one is taking advantage of them! With […]

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