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birthday wish list

August 14, 2012


Birthday greetings are better late than never, and therefore so are birthday wish lists (though I would appreciate any of these for any occasion). Behold, a few things that have caught my eye lately: Obviously, this Bill Murray coloring book needs to be added to my collection IMMEDIATELY. And this cookbook deserves a place on […]

elizmases past and present

December 15, 2011


I was kind of surprised that searching “Elizmas” on my blog yields very few results given that it’s the second best holiday of the year. Elizmas is Elizabeth’s birthday and since she loves Christmas so much, we’ve made it into a perfect mash-up. We use Elizmas to take advantage of all of the holiday activities […]


September 19, 2011


Even though we didn’t make the trip down to Tacoma for Homecoming at the University of Puget Sound this year, we still managed to have a reunion of sorts at the Redhook Brewery and Columbia City Theater! Mitten, an indie pop band from Brooklyn (and Joanna, 1/3 of the band) showed up in Seattle for […]

birthday twenty-greight

August 31, 2011


Here are a few scenes from my 28th birthday. Now that I look at the pictures, it appears that I only ate and drank, which is quite true. What’s missing are photos from birthday dinner round two (same night as round one) at Elemental Next Door and trash cans at the Moon Temple. Ever classy. […]

birthday wish list item #2: pentel markers (36 pack)

July 6, 2011


I desperately need a new set of Pentel Color Pen markers and I desperately need the set of 36. I currently have the set of 24, but I’ve lost 5 of them so it’s only a set of 19 and I feel kind of upset every time I look at them. I’m long overdue for […]

birthday wish list item #1: kindle (or nook or iPad)

June 30, 2011


I have decided that I will not purchase a Kindle myself but I WILL accept one as a gift. Just so we’re clear, I would prefer the plain old regular Kindle – not the one with WiFi, not the one with ads and not the super-large DX one either. Just the basic Kindle that costs […]

the unofficial birthday party invitation

July 20, 2010


Before you roll your eyes in protest of my 27th birthday, hear me out: No theme. No circus. No sparkle, no splash, nothing sweet. Nothing except a bar, some drinks, and some people. Yes, I’m still celebrating, but I’m doing it in jeans and at Still Liquor, a new bar in Capitol Hill that hasn’t […]


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