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thanksgiving 2012

November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I took a different approach to Thanksgiving. I didn’t host anything, I barely made plans at all and I decided that if I did cook, I wouldn’t be too ambitious about it. As you can see from year’s past, (2010, 2011) I tend to go overboard on planning and cooking. There […]

kitchen goodness (february edition)

February 29, 2012


Check out all of this stuff I’ve been cooking up: For Heather’s 31st, I whipped up up this 5-layer blue ombre cake which was of course, inspired by Pinterest and actually not all that difficult to make, so long as you’re comfortable using a lot of food coloring. I used boxed mixes (3 of ‘em) and […]

thanksgiving menu-planning

November 22, 2011


This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving by myself. Sure, my guests are responsible for bringing dishes to round out the menu, but to be completely honest, sometimes I don’t like eating other people’s food. That’s why Heather and I took on the entire spread last year, and probably why I started out making only 3 dishes […]

how to throw your own Iron Chef party!

August 23, 2011


Here’s my advice if you’d like to throw your own Iron Chef Party – and you should! It was SO much fun. Pick your opponent, choose a date, and craft your guest list! Obviously we had a built-in rivalry as roommates, but you should definitely make sure to battle against someone who you know is […]

Iron Chef: Battle Oats!

August 23, 2011


Sunday was the first in what I imagine will be a series of cooking showdowns between my roommate Heather and I. We hosted an “Iron Chef” competition (three dishes to make and three hours to cook) and were joined by a dozen of our friends who were eager to judge. We solicited suggestions for the […]


June 14, 2011


Shaved asparagus pizza / carrot, harissa and feta salad / cantaloupe, nectarine, mandarin orange and blueberry salad.            

asparagus, a dozen ways

June 14, 2011


To my delight, asparagus has appeared in our New Roots Organics bin nearly every week for the past two months. The presence of asparagus is just about the ONLY thing that makes it feel like Spring in Seattle – it’s still freezing and my new mantra is “it’s never nice until after the 4th… it’s […]

if you can read, you can cook: more eggplant, more zucchini

August 25, 2010


After reading The Help, I grew curious as to how my grandparents raised seven children without lots of help. I called my mother immediately to ask- wondering if there was some element of that story in our family history. Turns out, my mom and my aunties and uncles weren’t raised by African-American Southern domestic servants, […]

recipe dump: last week and this week

May 31, 2010


Happy Memorial Day! It’s still pouring rain and I’m still holed up inside… this time, propped up in my bed and surrounded by magazines and notebooks, trying to gain a little inspiration. So far, the only real thing that I’ve done today has been to plan out recipes for this week, riding on the successful […]

Day 7 of 30-day challenge: party tonight!

May 7, 2010


Yesterday’s class at the gym was a total joke compared to what I’ve been going through in hot yoga. In addition to only being a 50 minute class (actually, 47 mins), we didn’t do anything that required standing or balance and we spent at least five minutes massaging our faces. Then, during the dead body […]


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