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seattle picnic lovers adventure society

August 9, 2012


Earlier this summer I hosted the second edition of the Seattle Picnic Lovers Adventure Society’s (SPLAS) summer picnics. Here’s how SPLAS works: There are a number of under-utilized parks in the City of Seattle – places with great views, an abundance of picnic tables, grills, etc. and no one is taking advantage of them! With […]

summer dinner party menu

August 9, 2012


Throwing a dinner party anytime soon? Might I suggest you simply replicate the meal that Kendall and I put together for Siri’s goodbye party? It was truly epic, very impressive and didn’t really take that much time to cook! For appetizers, serve truffle oil popcorn, smoked salmon dip piped onto English cucumber slices and topped with […]

Sarah & The Stranger Suggest the Same Stuff (sort of)

July 5, 2012


From: Sarah Studer To:, Subject: Sarah + The Stranger Suggest the Same Stuff (sort of) Pardon the Microsoft Paint mashup (and the alliteration), but isn’t this bizarre? Imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy of The Stranger off the floor at Oddfellows only to see my doppelganger on the cover, in […]

32 things to do this summer with Sarah

July 2, 2012


So, it’s finally summer in Seattle. Well, almost. As usual, the clouds have remained through June but the sun promises to shine come July 5th (two days after our big party – so annoying), but I don’t mind the wait. The rest of the country has been melting under heat waves and we’ve remained nice […]

photobooth props!

June 22, 2012


Thanks to a very generous donation of photobooth supplies from the wedding of Melogna & Jason, my collection of props has basically quadrupled, which is pretty awesome because I took inventory of it all this afternoon and was able to categorize and photograph it. I’m willing to rent it out (or parts of it) if […]

ways in which i am unprepared for a zombie apocalypse

April 2, 2012


Several weekends in February and March were spent at the Norpoint Shooting Range on LivingSocial Adventure’s “Shootin’ & Drinkin'” event in which we took groups of 40+ people up to the gun range to shoot rifles and handguns, and then over to tour the Scuttlebutt Brewery and then over to Scuttlebutt’s restaurant in Everett. It […]

Top 6 Seattle Happy Hours (downtown)

March 17, 2012


Yesterday the OSRP (throwback!) asked me for my favorite happy hour spot in downtown Seattle, and I of course drew a blank before then rapidly firing off several restaurants that may in fact, not actually be my favorites. I then explained that in order to truly give the best advice, I would need more information: […]


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